About Us

Welcome to Swicyaki - your gateway to the ancient flavors of Japan, right at your home in the heart of California.

Swicyaki is more than just a sauce; it's a legacy of flavor and tradition. We are proud to base our roots in Central California, where the Pacific meets the golden coast, blending the East and West in a perfect harmony. At the heart of our brand is the Swicyaki Original Teppanyaki Sauce, a unique product that embodies the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Our heritage, like our flavors, has deep roots. Swicyaki is a proud custodian of the Nakayama family's ancient recipes, handed down through generations, and dating back hundreds of years to the era of the samurai in ancient Japan. Our sauce is more than a condiment; it's a journey back in time, introducing your palate to the meticulous art of traditional Japanese teppanyaki.

Each bottle of Swicyaki is a testament to the enduring culinary traditions of ancient Japan. The Nakayama family was renowned for their delicate sauces and dishes, each one a testament to the deep and storied samurai traditions. Their age-old recipes, preserved and adapted, form the essence of Swicyaki today, making us one of the rare purveyors of Japan's oldest traditional sauce recipes in the modern world.

With Swicyaki, you're not just bringing home a sauce, but an entire cultural experience. Our Original Teppanyaki Sauce allows you to indulge in the authentic flavors of traditional teppanyaki cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen. We have bottled the essence of an experience that is usually exclusive to traditional teppanyaki grills and brought it into homes across the globe.

We are Swicyaki - your bridge to the past, a testament to enduring culinary art, and the key to unlocking a world of flavors that transcend time and geography. We invite you to join us on this flavor-filled journey and to experience the harmonious dance of sweet and spicy that is the Swicyaki Original Teppanyaki Sauce. Welcome to a new era of home cooking. Welcome to Swicyaki.